About Us

Here at 8Bit-Thrift, we are passionate collectors & video game enthusiasts. Our aim when we started this project, was to create a website that showed our vintage treasures, as well as the modern pieces collected over the years to trade and sell, with like minded people.

From sealed VHS, vintage toys, sealed video games and retro stickers,  most of the pieces on our site have been in our collection for a number of years.

As the 80’s and 90’s are becoming more popular, we have now decided to start selling some of our collection back into the  growing retro collector community. The new and old products on sale, have been carefully preserved. Please feel free to drop us an email to request any additional product pictures.

Save our website to your favourites, as this website goes through all the changes and evolves, it will become the place to visit for rare and collectable retro pieces.  As we’re always in the process for collecting items,  feel free to drop us a message for any potential trades.

We hope our website brings back all those forgotten memories, of those classic days and thank you for visiting out site.

Happy shopping,